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                                                        FULL CORPORATE OFFER

We SIKASSO GOLD MINE, with full legal and corporate responsibility and under the penalty of perjury, with full knowledge of the act of fraud and as seller, are ready, willing and able to deliver the herein offered (AU) UN the following terms and conditions: Commodity: ---------------------------------Alluvial gold Dust Quantity: ------------------------------------500kg Quality: ---------------------------------------22.2carat plus Purity: ----------------------------------------93.5% or better Origin: --------------------------------------- SIKASSO Village Rep. Du Mali. Price: --------------------------------------- -$14,500usd per kg. PROCEDURES The gold dust is taken from the village to the Bamako Mali, tested and certified according to the procedures of the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the Republic of Mali. The assayed, tested and certified material is then sealed by the Mali custom agents in the presence of the buyer or his official representative, the current owner or his official authorized representative (hereinafter referred to as the seller). The buyer and the seller must affix their signatures on the seal placed on the container(s) of the tested, assayed and certified gold dust. The assayed, tested and certified material will be kept in the Custom vault at the International airport till all export documents required by the Government of Mali are prepared. Once the above four steps are completed to the full satisfaction of all parties, then the buyer will pay all government export tax which is 6.5% and Mali Customs Stamp Duty Fee, Shipping Agent/Freight Forwarder and all other necessary fees and charges required by the Government. This 6.5% export tax is been calculated based on the official Government price of gold which is $23,000usd not based on the offering price therefore export tax per kg is $1,495usd. By instructions from the seller and the buyer, armed security agents will transport the sealed gold dust to the retained airline in order to transport the material to the buyer’s destination of choice. The freight is paid and the material taken into the care of the said airline. Shipment of the dust to the buyer’s destination of choice, will take place, along with all the requisite documents Joint ownership of the dust will be in force between the seller and the buyer, until the gold dust has been delivered to the refinery at the buyer’s destination of choice. The seller will be invited to travel with the buyer on the same flight. Upon arriving the buyer’s destination of choice, the seller and the buyer will go to the refinery in order for the refinery to break the seal and prepare the gold dust for testing and assaying. It must be noted that the refinery will not break the seal affixed on the container(s) of gold dust without the presence of the buyer. As soon as the refinery delivers to the buyer the testing and assay results then the money will be either given to the seller in cash or transferred to their USD account in Mali. It must be understood and accepted by the seller that all payments for duties, customs stamp fees, insurance charges and freight forwarding and all other expenses and charges made by buyer will be deducted from the total purchase price of the gold dust. It must be understood and accepted that all oversea tax, fees and all expenses over seas will be born and paid by the buyer.

The above is for your information and necessary action.


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